BALIS: good drinks – made easy

The story of BALIS begins in 2015 at the Loretta Bar in Munich, with a casual Gin Basil Mule - a great but very elaborate drink with ginger beer, fresh basil and limes. Kristijan Krolo is behind the bar. Some days he prepares so many Gin Basil Mule that at some point he comes up with a pretty good idea: how about putting the non-alcoholic base of the drink in a bottle as a lemonade?

Said. Created. Done.

... and today we can enjoy the result: BALIS Basil Ginger Lemonade combines the fresh aroma of basil with a hint of ginger and finely acidic lime. After the successful launch, a new variety, BALIS Tiki, with the exotic aroma of pineapple and mint, was added shortly afterwards. And since this year, the new variety BALIS Cosmo completes the trio - a lemonade with the fine taste of cranberry and rosemary.

From the very beginning, the founding team of BALIS set out to bring a breath of fresh air into the world of soft drinks and fillers. The idea behind this is to make great drinks from the relevant high-end bars of this world also accessible for the gastronomy and the home bar: With the lemonades from BALIS, anyone and everyone can bring a world of possibilities into their own homes - true to the motto: good drinks made easy!

In addition to the bottles, all three varieties of BALIS are now also available in the practical can with a one-way deposit - exclusively in B2B distribution with us! Of course, we have tried out all the lemonades many times, precisely because they not only taste great straight, but also work very well as refreshing aperitifs and casual long drinks:

A classic Basil Smash at the highest bar level - very simply prepared:

4 cl Gin
0.1 l BALIS Basil
Ice cubes
Decoration: limes and fresh basil

Sustainability is the keyword

For the production of its lemonades, BALIS cooperates with regional partners, it takes place CO2-neutrally with renewable energies and its own on-site sewage treatment plant. In addition, BALIS uses reusable containers and sustainable materials wherever possible, and they consciously reduce the use of materials to what is absolutely necessary. In any case, you won't find straws! Last but not least, BALIS goes one step further: they even act more than climate-neutral, because with every bottle / can of BALIS, 1kg of CO2 is neutralised through climate protection projects!