Glen Moray

Crafted with expertise, Perfected by Speyside

Protected by the Cairngorm Mountains on the banks of the Lossie River, Glen Moray Distillery has provided optimum conditions for distilling and maturing the world-famous Speyside Single Malt Scotch whiskies for over 120 years. The production process is based on craftmanship and continuity. Just five Master Distillers have been responsible for the unmistakeable elegant style of the Glen Moray Whisky for more than a century. Producing whiskies that rely on balance, complexity and crisp fruitiness rather than power for their effect. Our Elgin Classic Collection, which includes one of the few smokey (peated) Speyside Single Malt whiskies, is both classic and innovative. Whilst the Heritage Collection with single malts aged for up to 18 years embodies Speyside Scotch at its best.

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