Masters of taste since 1946

1946 was the year when Gottfried Roner started distilling and installed a still in his parent’s house. Distillation is an ancient craft with roots in the obscure and mysterious magic of alchemy and a long tradition in the Alpine region. After early successes in grappa production, Gottfried, who was passionate about his region and its plants, decided to expand production: by macerating roots and berries from the surrounding woods following an old tradition he produced traditional products such as gentian schnapps (Enzian), juniper gin and bilberry wine. They are still the most popular products from our distillery. The founder diversified production further by purchasing a second still, using it to distil fruit following the mediaeval tradition. The excellent quality of the apples and pears, combined with Gottfried’s natural talent, laid the foundation for the unique quality of the Roner Distillery’s fruit distillations that continues to this day.