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Ciao bella! Ciao Carissima!

Passionate and matching like two lovers - that's the CO2-neutral Carissima line, created in collaboration with Distilleria Luigi Francoli. Fruity-fresh Limoncello together with the unique Pomegranate Aperitivo describes Dolce Vita in every moment!

»Ciao bella!« resounds through the streets of a small Italian mountain village.

The sun, already a bit lower, is still beaming with full power from the azure sky. It is afternoon, or rather »pomeriggio«, and the village is slowly awakening from its midday nap. Stores are opened, bar tables are wiped down and cheerfully, but somewhat sleepily, the neighbor is waved at, who is still quickly tidying up the »strada« in front of his store.

If one were to look at the scenery from above, one would see all sorts of little dots going about their afternoon routine surrounded by old walls. Outside the walls that protect the village like a fortress, shades of green and brown alternate. Amid the hustle and bustle and happy conversations, you hear someone shouting,»"Carissima, ti prego, aspettami!« - »Dearest, please wait for me!«. Only an amused giggle follows in response. Chairs are moved and the view is released to a small bar on the outskirts of the village.

A group of friends, "amici", are seen making themselves comfortable. The giggling girl sits close to a young man who lovingly puts his arm around her. A waiter, who seems to know the group, balances a full tray on his hand. The glasses on it shimmer in a mysterious dark red or fresh lemon yellow.

»Salute« - glasses clink and an absolute silence follows. With eyes closed, each one of them loses himself in the fresh and fruity taste of the »limoncello« or »aperitivo« on his/her tongue.

However, these enchanting flavors are not only available in our little story, but since recently also in our MackSpirits-Portfolio. »Carissima«, »dearest« is the name of the brand that offers two wonderful spirits. Once the Carissima Limoncello, which is made from the large, thick-skinned Sfusati lemons from the best groves in southern Italy, and the newly added Carissima Aperitivo. A unique combination of sweet pomegranate and bitter sour cherries.

And the best thing about the products? In addition to a fruity, fresh taste, both spirits were also produced in a CO2-neutral way! Distilleria Luigi Francoli is in fact the first »zero impact« distillery. This means that the heat used for the distillation process is obtained entirely from vegetable fuels - all in the interests of a neutral CO2 balance. Unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions generated by business activities (e.g. the delivery of goods, etc.) are offset by the CO2 absorbed by the forest areas generously planted by Francoli. This "Impatto Zero" reforestation project, which protects forests in Costa Rica and Italy, is done in cooperation with LIFEGATE.

Both spirits are very delicious as limoncello or aperitivo spritz! Just add a little Prosecco and the refreshing drink is ready!

But there is even more! Whether on the rocks, refined with Prosecco or gin, especially our Carissima Aperitivo is a true all-rounder!

Carissima Spritz

4ml Carissima Limoncello/ Aperitivo

125ml Zardetto/Zonin Prosecco

30ml soda water

Lemon zest, ice cubes


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