The winner of the German SAINT JAMES and THE BARTENDERS SOCIETY Competition, Raphaela Schub, will take part in the international final in Paris next year and will have the chance to win a trip to Martinique, the home of the Saint James Rhum Agricole.


The THE BARTENDERS SOCIETY Competition 2020 is inspired by street food specialties from all over the world. In every country, region or city we find unique dishes in different flavours. Each of them tells its own story and stands for its origin - the perfect match for our SAINT JAMES Rhum Agricole and the best inspiration for unique cocktails.

Due to the current situation, the German final of this year's competition took place via Zoom-Meeting - as the first digital final, with six finalists: Raphaela Schub (Botanic District, Hamburg), Cedric Golze-Schlieper (Rosebud Bar, Cologne), Sebastian Bauer (Gelbes Haus, Nuremberg), Jennifer Hoerstel (Al Camino Bar im Schloss Elmau, Krün), Ella Lappalainen (Booze Bar, Berlin) and Thang Viet Trinh (Twist Bar, Dresden).

The jury was made up of MackSpirits Brand Activation Managers Jana Kellner and Merlin Braun as well as Côme van Wassenhove, Sales Manager of La Martiniquaise. As the visual appearance, technology, presentation and integration of the "Street Food" concept were evaluated as well as the taste, the jury mixed the drinks according to the recipes of the finalists, resulting in six unique and delicious drinks.

The Rum

SAINT JAMES is the No.1 »Rhum Agricole« in the world, made from pure sugar cane juice instead of molasses, resulting in balanced aromatic power and character.

The official teaser of The Bartenders Society about the Competition 2020

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Inspirations for the drinks

»Persian Pansy«

The dish »Tachhin« is the inspiration for this cocktail. Tachhin is a Persian rice dish whose most important ingredient is saffron. The deep red saffron colour is associated with the striving for light and salvation, which is reflected in the appearance of the cocktail.

»Nippon Tactics«

The story of two people who find each other through their common passion and overcome boundaries. Japan and Martinique, two different worlds, flow together in this drink and add up to more than the sum of the ingredients.


The inspiration for this drink is falafel. The basis of the drink is the St. James Royal Ambre, which is the ideal starting point due to its freshness, smoothness and spicy notes and its harmonious sweetness. falafel's ingredients are imitated by other ingredients such as lime, aquafaba (chickpea water), spices and kefir.


The idea behind this drink is an Indian dessert. »Shahi Tukda« is baked like French toast and soaked in cardamom syrup. A little gold dust is used for decoration to reflect the "loyalty" and the special nature of the drink.


Inspired by the most famous street food dish - sushi, this drink contains salty, sweet, fruity and umami flavours. Typical Sushi.

»French Quarter Daiquri«

»Banh Mi« a Vietnamese streetfood dish from Hanoi in the "French Quarter" district, which is particularly influenced by the French style. In this drink the fresh characteristics of the Saint James Rhum Agricol are combined with those of a Banh Mi.